Purring to some rubs

Grumpy Cat | July 29th, 2013 | COMMENTS:4
Purring to some rubs.

Purring to some rubs.

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  1. Patricia says:

    Let’s be quite and let Tardar Sauce sleep. GET OUT THE VOTE !!!! INTERNET CAT VIDEO, PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD TARDAR SAUCE !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Monica Leche says:

    What a wonderful animal you have, first and foremost! Many and I believe all, animals on our planet are as important as we all are. Tadar’s spirit is so true and simple and through you and your family millions of people have been touched. The meme’s are hysterical and have obviously given many people joy. I bond with the real pictures of your cat for the same reason I bond with my own. It keeps Grumpy in her own true nature and I believe you are still interested in giving your animals a normal life despite mass media. Thank you for sharing your kitty with us. Please take care off her and all of your pets, they are (God)given or whatever term you pick. Thank you again.
    Monica Leche RN

  3. Dana says:

    What a precious cat!

  4. Lisa says:

    We want to hear her purr! How about a video with sound? We check for new pictures every day!

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