Callie | Grumpy Cats Mother

Callie | Grumpy Cats Mother

Grumpy CatCallie | Grumpy Cats Mother

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  1. CA Cat Lady

    Oftentimes, calicos are sterile. So like any ‘freak of nature’, Tadar came out very special. She really IS a cute cat! And you can see the mom resemblance.

  2. Robert Adams

    Will Grumpy Cat be endorsing products or are there any Spokesperson (spokescat) positions in her future?
    Also, thank you for donating some of the profits from the Grumpy Cat products to help less fortunate cats (and dogs).

    Bob A.

  3. Sumiko Saulson

    Callie reminds me of my cat, Marla. Marla is also black/red/white dark coat calico, but she has less white and more orange on her face. She is a teeny girl not more than 6 pounds. Back in the 80s we had a cat who looked something like Tardar Sauce: we named him Gizmo, after the movie “Gremlins”… his dad was an albino Persian and his mom was a Siamese/gray tabby mix.

  4. Serina Barr

    Thank you Callie! You are a very beautiful girl who gave birth to (at least) 2 cuties!!!
    A HUGE thank you goes to your owners for taking the time to share your pics and the pics of your kittens! I check out Tard’s FB page everyday just to get a giggle and also to see how much she’s grown….she’s so damn cute!!!

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