Callie | Grumpy Cats Mother

Callie | Grumpy Cats Mother

Grumpy CatCallie | Grumpy Cats Mother

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  1. Elic

    Just because Tard’s parents don’t “express” the pointed “Siamese” markings doesn’t mean they aren’t carrying the genes. A half Siamese is always black if the Siamese parent is purebred, but after that you can see any color but carry the genes. If the non-Siamese parent carries the gene a litter might have one or more kittens that are pointed but with other non-Siamese traits. Part of Tard’s “grumpy” look is the shortened face, most often seen in Persian lineage these days.

  2. Joanne Zinck

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  3. Danielle

    I almost fell off of my chair when I saw this picture! Tard’s mom looks like a mirror image of my kitty, “Patsy” that I rescued about a year ago! I would never have expected that!

  4. sharon

    i love this cat it is just unbelievable how she stays for photos also i would love to see in a movie especially in a comedy

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