Grumpy Cats Father

Grumpy Cats Father

Grumpy CatGrumpy Cats Father

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  1. Kelsie

    We had a cat with identical markings as Tardar Sauce…
    The mom was black and white, and the dad was a Red Point Siamese.
    The combination of those two gaves us 2 snowshoe looking kittens, and 2 turkish van looking kittens.
    So, the parents’ pattern type doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the kittens’ patterns if they’re mixed breeds.

    He looks so big though!
    And I thought MY cat was huge! wow!

    1. Ellie

      Snowshoes were actually developed by cross breeding siamese kitties with “tuxedo” kitties. I have one (a Snowshoe) and there are times when I can also see distinct tabby markings on his dark markings so I would guess that you have some delightful recessive gene kitties and I am glad that you are such a loving mom… And I’ll tell you what, little Tardar Sauce has brought a lot of giggles into our house!! We especially loved “grump on a stump”. :-)

  2. Andrew

    Maury Povich says: “The results are in……You are NOT the father!!!” (Cue funky music and this cat starting to dance a funky dance.) Seriously though – this cat, the mother, and Tardar are beautiful and it’s good to know they’re in a loving home. Rock on!

  3. Rebecca

    Starting to see where the strange mixer of genes came from. Dad has a smaller rounder face where as mum has big eyes and ears…but if Pokey’s dad is someone different, I got nothin :p

  4. Koren Small

    For Tardar Sauce to have the markings that she does it’s unlikely that the tabby (handsome though he is)is her dad. I think her mother may have had more than one gentleman caller. :)

  5. babbi

    Tard, do you know that your look is copmared to the look of German politicians ;-)? That’s insulting as you’re such a cute cat!

  6. Melinda

    He’s beautiful! Is he neutered now? Does he belong to you or just a stray? His face reminds me of a bobcat and he looks big. I have two big boys myself. Are these Pokey’s parents too?

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