Grumpy Cats Father

Grumpy Cats Father

Grumpy CatGrumpy Cats Father

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  1. Alex

    Tardar’s father is anything but a pointed cat!!! I have a CFA registered seal lynx point colorpoint shorthair and it looks nothing like that. That is a classic mackerel gray tabby. Tardar’s points are somewhere down in her lineage, but she didn’t get them from her parents directly – more likely a grand parent or great grandparent. Here is a photo of a seal lynx point colorpoint shorthair. Pointed cats have to have color only on their points – ears, muzzle, lower extremities and tail. The rest of the body must be a much lighter color.

  2. Beth G

    Ah – Grumpy Cat got her coloring from daddy. Although it doesn’t look like it, he’s a pointed cat, just like Grumpy Cat. His color would be called seal lynx point (perhaps seal mink lynx point). Her mother has a recessive pointed gene (obviously), and viola – you get Grumpy Cat.

  3. jackie sadler

    Tardars dad is so pretty! And her mum is gorgeous! Is there any chance of being able to ship Grumpy cat merchandise to the UK?

  4. Julia

    I have a kitty with similar markings to Tardar Sauce whose brothers and sisters were gray and black and mama cat was a mackerel tabby. As far as we know, Dad was a black and white cat. He’s kind of got a small hunchy body like Tardar, less so, but still an oddly shaped cat. (Most people think he’s fat until they pick him up and he’s really only 7 lbs.) Maybe Sedgewick is Tardar’s long lost cousin! Lol. (Or maybe just a genetic anomaly that goes with the markings?)

    1. Willow

      With cats each kitty can potentially have a different father. When there are 5 kittens, there have been 5 sex acts with as much as 5 males.

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