Grumpy Cats Father

Grumpy Cats Father

Grumpy CatGrumpy Cats Father

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  1. Laura Oshiro

    I just love Tarder, shes so sweet and I would bet theres not a grumpy bone in her little body. I was reading a couple of posts about her parents breeding. From her ears and eyes I would swear that there is siamese somewhere in her family history. Her ears look like chocolate points and Iv only seen blue eyes like that on a siamese. Anyone else have any thoughts? :)

  2. Laura

    I love Tardar, she’s beautiful. I have 5 kitties that I intercepted on their way to the pound,1 is a snowshoe with blue eyes and markings just like Tardar and his brother is black and white like Pokey. When I see Tardar and Pokey, I see my two boys and I’m so glad there are more people like me who love these little guys enough to spread the message, adopt from shelters, save their little lives because we are the only ones who can.

  3. Joelle Koller

    I’m so glad to finally read Grumpy cat’s story. Every time I was seing a funny pic about that cute kitty, it made me sad, because I couldn’t know it wasn’t some kind of “viral spreading” pic, out of the cat’s owner will. It’s a unique cat and I’m glad you take so good care of her and that she is a happy kitty. Happy Birthday and long life to Tardar Sauce.

  4. John Thayer

    The father looks to be an “F3″ Maine Coon and Serval (Savannah Cat) Hybrid. I have one named ‘Casper’ who is almost a dead ringer. I got mine from a friend – the original thought he was too much of a throwback to the Maine Coon as an “F4″ (1/8th) male. He was abandoned and brought home to a loving family. Due to the owner moving, I took possession of him. All cat, but seems to have that wild streak that still runs in such animals – and he weighs in at a pretty hefty 22 pounds.

    Love the pix – keep up the great work!! =)

    1. Mike

      Really not enough fur to be a Maine Coon. Maines typically will have a lot of pad fur on their paws, a bit of a lions mane on their chest a a very bushy tail. Maine’s are seldom short hairs as well.

    2. Tracy

      Oy, the father is not a Maine Coon cross. The head type, ears, eyes, muzzle, fur & tail are nothing like a Maine Coon. I have a purebred TICA registered Maine Coon that I frequently show, so I feel I have the expertise to comment. ;) I see absolutely no Serval in this cat either. This boy is simply a blue mackerel tabby & white domestic short hair, plain & simple. ;)

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