Fan Art by Jewel Renee and Card update!

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Good evening everyone! Hope you all had a good day!

We have been busy packaging and shipping the Grumpy Cat Cards! I’ve received a few notes from people receiving their shipments from the first batch! Hope you all liked them! The second batch has been shipped and we will receive the third and fourth production run tomorrow and will have it in the mail on Friday/Saturday. (We are going to try to get it all packaged over the holiday; but some may ship on Saturday… have to do Thanksgiving!)

If anyone has a problem with their shipment or order please use the Contact link at the top of the page or reply to your order confirmation email. Please include your order number to make it easier to find you. :)

We are rapidly running out of stock! We may do one final production run; but it will likely be limited to domestic shipments. Let us know if you haven’t ordered and would like us to make more available!

And finally… here is a Grumpy Cat Sketch by Jewel Renee

Fan Art by Jewel Renee

Fan Art by Jewel Renee

Grumpy CatFan Art by Jewel Renee and Card update!