Fan Art: Grumpy Cat Crossing the Alps

Grumpy Cat 8 Comments

Fan Art: Grumpy Cat Crossing the Alps

Grumpy CatFan Art: Grumpy Cat Crossing the Alps

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  1. Brian

    You have to see the original to really appreciate how brilliant this piece truly is. Look up Napoleon at the St. Bernard Pass or Napoleon Crossing the Alps by Jacques-Louis David.

  2. Nancy Lopez

    I prefer to think of this as a hero Grumpy Cat or Grumpy Cat Simón Bolívar crossing the Andes fighting for freedom of cats from the overload the dogs of Europe. :-) In fact, I’m teaching my 7th grade students about Simón Bolívar today in class, so I have a photo of this up on my smart board.

  3. AlauraBorealis

    Yeah, I would totally buy a print of this and hang it proudly in my living room next to my velvet unicorn painting (which I really have) Please sell prints of this!

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