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  1. Nouran Zakaria

    I suggest you make animations and cartoons out of grumpy cat. Bet all the kids will love it. I will love it myself and im like 20 years’ll b v interesting

  2. donna

    There is a scholarly article in the annal of surgery from september 2011 called “Chasing Zero: The Drive to Eliminate Surgical Site Infections” written my Kristin Thompson from the Mayo Clinic in Florida. The ilea of reducing surgical site infections dominates many hospital discussions at this time. I would like so very much to use a poster of your art work with the caption “Chase Me!” The operating room is a high tension and high pressure place to work- a post like this would catch people’s imagination and ease the reality that we are being asked to perform our tasks in an ever more exacting manner-
    I left a similar message at the site- PLEASE consider this request!!
    Thank you- I have gotten such a great laugh from this picture!

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