Grumpy Morning California!

Grumpy Cat has arrived in California for the launch of her book!

Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book is available Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, Indiebound and many other places in both digital and hard cover editions!

Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book

Coming out July 23!

The Daily Grump | July 23, 2013

22 Responses

  1. this is the greatest cat! i love grumpy cat and love the photos. i have owned cats for 47 years and never had one who wasn’t “smiling”. He’s awesome!

  2. Penny lane says:

    so adorable and sassy! <3

  3. MJones says:

    tres chic, mademoiselle Grumpy.

  4. shannon says:


  5. qlint chesney says:

    what time should I be there??

  6. Barbara Hedges says:

    I love you Grumpy cat. Your the only grump that I love. LOL

  7. Debbie Calllahan says:

    She looks so smart :-)

  8. Kerry Johnson says:

    Don’t let it go to your head now.
    Take care of yourself in L.A. Tard, we love you sooo much.

  9. Suzanne Spratt says:


    Will Tardar be coming to Seattle WA anytime soon?

    Thank you,

  10. Kerry johnson says:

    IIIm so sexy and I know it. Yeah