A few new pics!

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And we’re back! The move to the new server is complete. Things seem to be running smooth…hopefully it continues that way. If you see any problems with the site please use the the Contact link to send a message (assuming it’s working LOL)

Grumpy CatA few new pics!

The Daily Grump | October 24, 2012

Grumpy Cat The Daily Grump

Speaking of stuffed animals, we are considering creating a plush Grumpy Cat stuffed animal. The startup costs are insane. There is a prototype fee and we’ll have to pay upfront for a minimum order of 1000-1500 pieces. The only way this will be possible is if we take pre-orders and/or have a successful Kickstarter campaign. So, keep your eyes open …

Grumpy CatThe Daily Grump | October 24, 2012