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More Christmas Cards?

I can’t believe they went that fast! (I didn’t think people would order so fast!)

So… we have plenty of time to get more in before Christmas. Should I have more printed?

More Grumpy Cat Christmas Cards?

  • More...but a different design/color? (I was thinking a dark blue with snowflakes and Grumpy Cat.) Or make a suggestion! (49%, 349 Votes)
  • More of the Bah Humbug Cards? (26%, 182 Votes)
  • More of the Grumpy Christmas Cards (23%, 164 Votes)
  • Noooo moar!! (2%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 707

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Grumpy Cat Christmas Cards | First Styles up for pre-order!

I have put up the first two styles of Grumpy Cat Christmas Cards!

Visit the Grumpy Cat Shop!

We are using Shopify as our eCommerce platform and Stripe as the payment gateway. (None of your information will be stored or held on our servers. Everything is handled simply and securely by Shopify.)

We went with similar designs for the first two styles.

The first has “Bah Humbug!” on the front and “I had a Merry Christmas once. It was awful.” on the inside.
The second design has “Grumpy Christmas” on the front and “This IS my merry face.” on the outside.

They come in sets of 18 cards for each design and there is a combo pack with 9 of each design. We ordered 3000 cards for the first run and will order more today if demand exceeds this amount!

  • Professionally printed on high quality 14pt C2S Gloss Card Stock (CMYK Offset Printing)
  • 6″ x 4.25″ (portrait orientation when folded)
  • Includes matching 70lb white envelopes

Each pack will be wrapped in plastic and shipped in a sturdy envelope. (The cards do not come packaged in a box. This would have added quite a bit to the price and complicated shipping. Not to mention it is not eco-friendly because the box just gets thrown away anyways.)

Grumpy Cat wants to give back! With your purchase, you will also be supporting a local pet charity! We will be donating 10% of our profit to a non-profit pet charity. We will be asking our fans to choose an appropriate charity via a poll at GrumpyCats.com! (We want to choose one that doesn’t waste money on administrative costs. We’ve looked at PetSmart Charities, Friends of Animals, and Best Friends Animal Society as possible options or we can go with a shelter that is local to Grumpy Cat!)

Preorder Note:

The cards are currently in production and we expect to receive them on November 16, 2012 and we will get them shipped out as soon as possible after we receive them! We plan on shipping all preorders by the following business day; which is November 19, 2012.


We will be shipping via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate as this is the best way to get them to you before the holidays. We looked at using First Class; but the price was almost as much as Priority. We will also be shipping internationally with USPS Priority Mail Flat as well. Everyone should have their cards in plenty of time for the holidays! If you order more than two boxes and are moved up to the next size/rate and we are some how able to fit your shipment into a smaller container; we will refund the added shipping costs.

Poll: Inside the Christmas Cards

So, I’m having creative difficulties…

I will probably get some cards with a generic Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas; but for the ‘more grumpy’ I’d like to go with something that is more popular. I’ve put a few options in a poll; if you have a better idea, post it as a comment. (You can choose two options in the poll.)

Thanks for your help! :) Looking to get these printed this week and up for sale!

Grumpy Cat Christmas Card inside wording

  • I had a Merry Christmas once. It was awful. (44%, 1,104 Votes)
  • This IS my merry face. (37%, 914 Votes)
  • Ho Ho Oh, whatever. (26%, 644 Votes)
  • Merry Christmas [With an X over the word merry] (15%, 386 Votes)
  • I've got the grump, you get the cheer. Happy Holidays! (6%, 143 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,494

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