The Daily Grump | April 7, 2013

Grumpy Cat 8 Comments

The Daily Grump | April 7, 2013

Grumpy CatThe Daily Grump | April 7, 2013

Comments 8

  1. Molly Murrill

    I love grumpy too. Couldn’t figure out what my daughter meant when she sent a link for something about Tardar Sauce, now I sorta do. What fun to have a famous cat. We had a cat that coulda been a grumpy cat, but people were always making a mistake thinking she was so sweet, but found out when they petted her a couple strokes and she either bit or scratched the offending person. She was the husband’s cat really, she just arrived here one day and began following him up the ladder and along the beams while he built the carport and garage. But even then she just ran in one day, jumped in his lap, bit him and ran back out. Even he was not immune. I think she had mixed up hormones. Never did know her age. Will look forward to Grumpy adventures.

  2. Asia

    I love Grumpy Cat!! Pushed the “get the app” button and I got really GRUMPY cuz it’s a HOTEL app and our sweet Tuna Face was no where to be found!! Will the app be available soon? I’ll patiently await as we know Grumpy takes her own sweet time on such business matters. If I send some tuna do u think Grumpy will work on the app issue lol? Keep the pix coming! I have Lupus which leaves me bedridden often and Grumpy makes my day!! Thank you for letting my entire family, many friends, their families & friends , into your life and the tails of Grumpy!

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