The Daily Grump | August 5, 2013

Good evening!

The Daily Grump | August 5, 2013

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  1. cathy says:


  2. Robin says:

    That blanket brings out the blue in Tard’s eyes!

  3. Kim Bendrick says:

    Caption for this pic? “Tie Dye? What do you think I am? A Hippy? NOT!!”
    Love you Tard. You always make my day.

  4. Penny lane says:

    tard is not feeling psychedelic lol

  5. Patricia says:

    I think Tardar’s eyes match whatever the colors are around her…blues,greens,violets etc..Wed is grumpday and her launch of Grump Drinks. GOOOOO Grumppuccino!!!

  6. Valerie Vanderberg says:

    You are so beautiful to me,,,Dear little Tardar Sauce. ♥♥♥♥

  7. Carla kneski says:

    Please can you also make a sugar free version, for people who get grumpy about sugar?

  8. Patricia says:

    I placed my order for 3 flavors and free tee. Good Luck to all who purchase….