Happy Birthday You say?…

Grumpy Cat 22 Comments

Happy Birthday You say?... I left you a present in my...

Grumpy CatHappy Birthday You say?…

Comments 22

  1. Eva

    My birthday is comping up really soon! This made my day. I love Tardar so much. Though what would be totally amazing is some sort of Harry Potter themed Grumpy Cat picture. That would make my life and be the best present in the world!

    1. Margaret

      Yesterday was my 50th birthday. My neighbor gave me a card that said “Don’t think of it as being 50; think of it as five perfect 10s.” :D

      1. Margaret

        My comment is coming up for December 10, although it’s still December 9 here. Lora, I replied because my birthday is December 8, the same as yours I think.

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