The Daily Grump | March 8, 2013

Come visit Grumpy Cat at the Mashable tent for SXSW! Near the intersection of Cesar Chaves St and Trinity St!

The Daily Grumpy | March 8, 2013

This collar. I hate it.

The Daily Grumpy | March 8, 2013

A quick bath…washing off the Texas.

The Daily Grumpy | March 8, 2013

16 Responses

  1. Beatrice Collins says:

    OMG are you in San Francisco? At Cesar Chavez and Trinity. I have to come meet her in person if you are in SF.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Come to Colorado!

  3. Gregory says:

    Some Pokey please! Is he on the trip with Grumpy?

  4. Terri Michelle says:

    I am not a fan of much, but I am a huge fan of your kitty. I’ve said I would travel to the UK to meet your kitty sometime. I saw that Tard is in Austin so I’m making an hour trip hoping I don’t have to have a SXSW ticket to get to the Mashable tent at Cesar Chaves & Trinity today. Tarder Sauce looks like not only did she get a unique look, but a wonderful content personality. We only had one kitty who seemed so content, and I believe it was because my son held her so much from the time she was born. So hats off to her “family” for socializing her and capitalizing on her uniqueness.

  5. randy says:

    How long will yall be at SXSW, I can’t make it downtown till maybe Saturday

  6. Mina Roller says:

    I’m so glad Grumpy Cat was the star of SXSW! The beautiful, yet grumpy, Tartar Sauce certainly deserves it!! I just LOVE her and Pokey!