About Grumpy Cat

Original Grumpy Cat Photo
Original Grumpy Cat Photo

Grumpy Cat became an internet sensation after her photo was posted on Reddit on September 22, 2012. It was suggested that the original photo was photoshopped, so we posted a few videos on YouTube. The videos went viral and her popularity has continued to increase!

We aren't exactly sure about Grumpy Cats breed; but she looks nothing like her mother or father. She looks similar to a Ragdoll or Showshoe; but there have never been any of that breed around the house. Her mom is a calico domestic short hair cat and her father has grey and white stripes. (Though I suppose there could be a different father, promiscuous cats you know...)

Tardar Sauce visites the vet regularly and she has a clean bill of health. Her petite size and famous face is likely due to feline dwarfism and her rear end wobbles a bit when she walks due to this; otherwise she is a perfect little kitty! She is not a munchkin cat and was not bred purposefully from other munchkin cats. (We don't breed kitty's and her parents are normal sized domestic short hair cats.)

Also, a quick note on Grumpy Cat's wellbeing. We take great care of Tardar Sauce; 99% of the time she is a normal kitty. She plays, hides, and acts as cats act. (She LOVES to hide behind the curtains!) She isn't in front of a camera all of the time like many people perceive. We only take photos sets once every week or so and on the few occasions where we have met with the media or licensed partners we ensure the sessions are short and that she isn't handled by many people. Tardar Sauce is a member of the family before anything else!

Q: How old is Grumpy Cat?

A: She was born on April 4, 2012.

Q: Can I meet Grumpy Cat?

A: For the safety of our family and that of Grumpy Cat we do not do personal meetings. We will be having select public appearances and these will be announce on our website and via social media.

Q: Does Grumpy Cat travel well?

A: Grumpy Cat is the most calm kitty we have ever come across! She travels perfectly fine and is extremely calm when traveling. We have only traveled with her on a few occasions and she usually just sleeps in the soft bed in her pet carrier.

Q: What breed is Grumpy Cat?

A: She is a mixed breed; but looks to have some Persian, Ragdoll, or Snowshoe in her line.

Q: Can Grumpy Cat walk? Is she a 'munchkin'?

A: YES! Grumpy Cat can walk fine, albeit with a wobble in her back end sometimes. She has feline dwarfism and her back legs are a bit different, which is why you see her often sitting in an odd position. Also, she was not bred to be a munchkin cat. She was born from two normal domestic cats.

Q: Are you breeding Grumpy Cat? Where can I get a cat like yours?

A: Sorry, we aren't breeding her; but there are many cute kitties available in shelters around the world! Check your local shelter.

Q: Are you doing anything to help other pets?

A: Yes! We help by donating directly shelters that help save animals!

Q: Why is Grumpy Cat so grumpy?

A: She really isn't grumpy! She is a super cute and cuddly kitty and loves to be held and rubbed!

Q: Can I have grumpy cat?

A: Noooooooo! But check back here every day for new photos! :)