Grumpy Cat - Demeter Fragrance - Kitten Fur


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Grumpy Cat - Demeter Fragrance - Kitten Fur

Don’t be a Grumpy Cat! Because when you smell Kitten Fur by Demeter Fragrance Library, you cannot help but smile!

For the last two years, cat lovers everywhere have been experiencing and sharing that warm and wonderful kitten smell, from that spot right behind the kittens’ neck. And the flood of warm and comfortable feelings that evokes, all while smelling simply fabulous! So, what could be better?

Demeter is pleased to announce a limited-edition collaboration between Grumpy Cat and Demeter’s best-selling fragrance, Kitten Fur. With a limited-edition label and box, smiles, laughter and smelling great are all guaranteed!

Grumpy Cat has over 8.6 million total followers on Facebook, 2.5 million followers on Instagram and 1.5 million followers on Twitter. Combined with Demeter, one of the most successful online fragrance brands in the world, Grumpy Cat’s Limited-Edition Kitten Fur will bring scent memories and smiles to more people and places than ever before! And everyone needs more smiles!